Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1 特别版

Adobe Photoshop – 全球最大的图像处理软件,知名的图像及照片后期处理大型专业软件。Adobe® Photoshop® CC 是 Adobe Creative Cloud 创意云应用程序产品里的专业图片处理编辑软件,Photoshop CC 依然是数字图象处理和编辑的业界标准,提供广泛的专业级润饰工具套件,并集成了专为激发灵感而设计的强大编辑功能。Adobe Photoshop CC 让你享有更多的自由、速度和功能,让令人惊叹的图像栩栩如生。

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1 特别版

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1 特别版


2018-01-24 v19.1
– Support for 4k monitor
* Fix Photoshop CC 2018 Generator not working
* Fix Cursor flickers in foating panels
* Fix Canvas resize action records as inches and breaks actions recorded using percentage
* Fix Fonts do not update in real-time when changed in the character palette
* Fix Unable to export PNG image sequences in Video Timeline
* Fix Brushes are not visible on screen
* Fix Ctrl+Alt/Alt shortcut does not work to change brush sizes and hardness on Windows 10
* Fix Brush Picker in context menu is slower to invoke
* Fix Unresponsive interface when you select brush preset
* Fix Copy and Paste string from Save dialog is not working as it had in previous versions
* Fix EPS raster dialog appears when using Place Link/Embedded
* Fix Vibrance adjustment renders differently between 18.x and 19.x
* Fix Lighting Effects rendered differently between versions
* Fix Paste in Place with copied layer does not work on playback
* Fix Floating document windows in fullscreen with menu bar causes window to jump to center
* Fix Unable to trim file from Libraries
* Fix Brush resize is less fluid with Brushes panel visible
* Fix Brush tool switches to Erase tool
* Fix Up and down arrows for Text size does not give live updates
* Fix Cannot type a/b channel values <-100 in LAB curves
* Smart Object animation transform does not track bottom-right point correctly
* Increase maximum zoom level to 12,800%
* Moving paths in the Paths panel alters the stacking order unexpectedly
* Liquifying command moves guides in certain cases
* Unable to select vector mask if it’s disabled
* Select and Mask tool gives program error
* Alt+Scroll zoom does not center on the cursor
* Scalable user interface for high resolution monitors
* Rulers indicators appear offset from real cursor position
* Rendering issues such as app freeze and blank ending in created mp4
* Patch Tool functionality issue after update
* Unable to edit with Quick Mask when mask is disabled
* Setting locking on a layer group does not work in actions or scripting
* File > Export As does not support Accessibility and Default Folder X 5
* Unable to use standard keyboard shortcuts in the Export dialog box on Mac
* Free transforming an unlinked shape layer transforms the layer mask as well
* Crop Tool and scrubby zoom do not work together

2017-12-12 v19.0.1
* 更新 Adobe Camera Raw 10.1
* 此更新修复了包含19.0版本中最常见的用户反馈的问题


# 集成AMTLIB模拟破解(v0.9.2),直装即为免登陆授权版;
# 去除自动更新,去除试用提示,安装后无试用提示弹窗;
# 集成所需VC++运行库,支持自定义安装位置,完整版;


2018-01-24 Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1.0.38906 直装破解完整版
2017-09-16 Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 v18.1.1.252 直装破解完整版 访问码8mcq

Adobe Camera Raw 增效工具官方下载(相机配置工具,编辑RAW格式文件)

Nik Collection 1.2.11 插件官方下载(谷歌免费滤镜插件套装,安装选PS安装目录即可)


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